Less Talk, More Walk

To assist you in your goal of creating a balanced and fulfilling life for your dog...


I allowed my dog to walk me for about 2 years which led to constant pulling on the leash and a diminished positive experience for both of us! I decided it was time to fix the problem and had been looking for a trainer to help. While out walking at Magnuson Park one day, I observed Dustin with 8 bigger dogs he was leading as if a gaggle of geese. I could not believe what I was seeing and figured if he could manage that, he could certainly help with a mini schnauzer I had let be in charge.


I thought it was going to take several appointments of personal training for both the dog and me to break the bad habits that had been established. Well, Dustin was so smart about dogs and knew exactly what to do that he coached both my dog and myself. After one appointment and threesome walk, I felt sure we could improve our situation. It's been about three weeks and we are doing so much better, walks are no longer stressful, and we have a lot of techniques and knowledge to continue until she is perfect.


Time with Dustin was so worth the investment and I am so appreciative. Our own Northwest Cesar Millan. I highly recommend!


-Kate Steele

Our female German Shepherd had gone off the rails. She came to us at 9 months and was the best dog EVER. We liked how friendly she was with other neighborhood dogs (something our Sheltie never was), but over the course of 3 years she became overly protective and impossible on walks, although still eager to please in the house. Unless, of course, someone rang the doorbell. Dustin helped us turn her behaviors around and taught us strategies for making our dog feel more secure and less stressful when walking and when hearing the doorbell. After searching for a dog trainer with the best philosophy and background for really connecting with our dog and improving behavior, we could not have been more impressed with the experience all of us had with Dustin. No treats or clickers involved. Thank goodness! Dustin is warm, professional, and a master at what he does. A "Dog Whisperer" of the highest order. It was fun going on walks with him, and the regular videos of my dog's behaviors during his boot camp with her would rival our favorite children's videos! He strikes the perfect balance between control and dominance and deep affection. Upon parting after our last session I asked him about his dog and his thoughts on dogs sleeping in the bed (not furniture, just the bed). Of course, we let ours. I loved his answer. "Dogs will adjust to sleeping in almost all situations but my dog sleeps on the bed because, well, I love my dog." Seattle is lucky to have this one-of-a-kind dog trainer.

-Vicki and John

Having tried other dog trainers in the Seattle area, we were a little worried we weren’t going to get the right kind of training for our dog (and for us). But within minutes of meeting Dustin, we could tell that he was exactly what we had been looking for. He was instantly able to connect with our dog, and gave us a great understanding of what we needed to do to be the best owners we could be, from simple pieces of advice, to the psychology behind everything he was doing. And there’s a special satisfaction that comes with watching someone do a job they clearly love so much. Encouraging, insightful and very effective, Dustin is genuinely everything we were looking for in a trainer, and we couldn’t be happier with the effect he’s had on our dog. We can’t recommend him highly enough.


-Dan and Tiffany

    Recently we enrolled our two year old Dutch Shepard into the Less Talk More Walk Boot Camp run by Dustin Schmidt, and it was literally the best choice we ever made for our dog and for ourselves.

    Dustin, who's present and intuitive command had our fearful and aggressive dog sitting calmly next to him within the first five minutes of his arrival. His understanding of our dog's needs were immediate, and he taught us more about our dog on that first day than from all the books and classes we had immersed ourselves in. More importantly he taught us a great deal about being mindful, focused, and bringing intention within ourselves, and how we --with some practice-- could develop the skills to raise a more secure and happy dog.

    We are so grateful for the week we had with Dustin, and the techniques he taught us are more rewarding with every day.


Julie McIntire & Thomas Papazian

We refer to calling Dustin ‘Dog Yoda’ in our house.  Dustin has this amazing calm, non-threatening way about him.  As the pack leader he demands and receives immediate respect from his crew through his behavior and commands.  It’s amazing to watch him in action or on his videos.  On our first day and within 30 minutes Dustin showed us how to correct Po’s pulling during leash walks.  Now, whenever we walk Po, he stays right at our heels. We even test him off leash and with a simple cue he knows exactly where he needs to be.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your dog is having THE BEST DAY EVER being a part of Dustin’s pack.  Most importantly our dog is getting trained and exercised in a way we’ve never witnessed before.  We are grateful to have Dustin in our lives.


-Molly and Stu

Maggie is a great dog.  She's that first child that many couples have.  The thing that makes them a family.  And we doted.  Then the family expands and exercising that first family member gets harder. That's where we were.  And then we started a business.  Luckily for us (and especially for Maggie) Dustin lives down the street from that business.  We could not have lucked into a better option for our girl.  She is a new dog since being a part of Dustin's daily outings - happy, tired and fit.  It is clear that Less Talk More Walk has rejuvenated her spirit and added years to her life.  But Dustin offers much more than mere dog walking.  Seeing him with his crew of pooches is understanding the natural rapport he has with them.  Anyone with a Seattle dog in need of some daily exercise and care should know that they would be in the best possible hands with Dustin. 


Lara Zahaba & Brad Benson


Appreciate.  Trust.  Recommend. Praise.  I cannot complement Dustin enough for the work he does.  The enthusiasm, due diligence, and care he puts into the well being of my dog Malcolm is heartfelt. I have used other pet services and never has Malcolm left the house with such abandon like he does when he sees Dustin and the pack.  It gives me such comfort and peace of mind knowing that he is in great hands and is getting the stimulation, both mentally and physically, he deserves.  

-Jen Doak


Our pup Livvi was rescued from a high-kill shelter in the Los Angeles area when she was about 8 months old; she was found abandoned in a foreclosed home.  She is a very sweet girl but given her terrible experience in the shelter, when she first arrived she was A) terrified of anyone in scrubs and tried to bite our vet more than once and B) she was very aggressive when we met other dogs on the street.  We were faced with a dilemma  - keep her confined in our home or do the work necessary to socialize her.  That is where Less Talk, More Walk stepped in.  My  husband and I interviewed several dog walkers and trainers, hoping to find the right fit for Liv and Dustin’s straight forward approach and obvious comfort around our dogs immediately put us all at our ease (both dogs went to sleep within minutes of meeting him in our home for the first time).  He is very organized, yet flexible, and I cannot believe the change in our girl in a relatively short period of time.  Within weeks she stopped reacting to other dogs on the street when we walked her and our vet reported that when she was in for a visit the last time, she could not have been more relaxed, even though she was in some pain from a UTI that flared up suddenly.  She was so good she did not require sedation for X-Rays.  We are both busy adults working full time and it is such a comfort to know that each walk with Dustin and his pack not only brings Livvi joy but brings her that much closer to being the calm and confident dog she can be.  Thank you Less Talk, More Walk!

-Julie McClure


Boris spent the majority of his life living outside in the middle of Alaska, training as a competitive sled dog. Having previously owned a Siberian Husky who ran away every time he was let off the leash, I had very few requirements for Boris. I wanted to trust him off-leash and be able to take him on all my outdoor adventures. He met both those requirement with ease. When I adopted him he had finished his racing career but never lost his innate desire to run and pull. Walking a dog that constantly pulls (especially one bred to pull a sled) quickly became exhausting. After months of being walked by Boris, I found Dustin and Less Talk More Walk. Having lived and worked with dogs for over 10 years, it was instantly apparent to me how much Dustin understood dogs. Within just one day he had Boris walking behind him, like Boris wasn't even there! Since that first walk, Boris, a dog that was literally trained to pull, has never pulled without being told to do so. People are constantly amazed when they see us walking how well behaved and focused Boris is. Honestly, I cannot even remember what is was like to walk Boris when he pulled, because now it's like he is not even there. I highly recommend Dustin and Less Talk More Walk. You would be hard pressed to find someone who has more experience and understanding of dogs than Dustin. He is truly a dedicated and talented professional.


-Whitney Jones


My partner and I recently moved to Seattle from out East and have an 11 year old puppy. For the first month or so, we were trading off coming back home to walk our dog during the day, as we were getting settled into our new routines here. We were looking for a good dog walker, and checked out several of the local companies. Most of them had a few hoops to jump through, and that certainly makes sense, but once we contacted Dustin and the Less Talk, More Walk crew, everything just seemed to fall in place. Our dog loves interaction with other dogs and meeting new people, and once he started hanging out with Dustin and crew, we noticed a definite positive change in his energy and demeanor. All signs point to the comfortable atmosphere he now gets with his great dog walker! We couldn't be happier, honestly, now that we know our dog is in good hands when we aren't home, and we love the photos they post from the walks!


-Elizabeth Little